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Providing real property owner information for 10 years.

Advanced Listing Services is a provider of tax assessor information, including property ownership and parcel maps for California and Arizona. We prepare Public Notice Packages, also known as Ownership Listing or Radius Maps. Our projects have ranged from 65' radius maps with just owners to maps encompassing several miles radius with both owners and occupants.

Clients with different needs.

Our customers have ranged from private individuals, architects, developers, to cities, counties, and other government agencies. Each client may have different needs, as each city or county may have different requirements. Advanced Listing Services will ensure that all such requirements are met and the package is complete for submission.


Reliable, timely, and up to date service.

We are exceptionally accurate and thorough. Our information is the most up to date possible, and we always strive to give our clients a fast turnaround. Advanced Listing Services works directly with the city and county planning departments to verify their requirements or any possible changes. Our clients can rest assure that all their application submissions will be complete and accurate.

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