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Advanced Listing Services provides clients with customized public notification packages. All orders are fulfilled quickly to meet your immediate needs and all city or county requirements are satisfied.

We have extensive experience working directly with government planning departments within California and Arizona. Each project differs depending on local requirements, so please contact us for further pricing information.

Below is a list of services we provide:

  • Property Ownerships Listings
  • Current Occupant Listings
  • Radius Maps
  • ABC Mailings and Liquor License Processing
  • AQMD Public Notification Listings
  • Mailing Services
  • Land Use Maps

Why is a noticing packet required?

State law requires that local governments hold public hearings prior to most planning actions. At the hearing, the council or supervisors or advisory commission will explain the proposal, consider it in light of local regulations and environmental effects, and listen to testimony from interested parties. The council, board, or commission will vote on the proposal at the conclusion of the hearing.

Depending upon each jurisdiction's local ordinance, public hearings are not always required for minor land subdivisions, architectural or design review or ordinance interpretations. The method of advertising hearings may vary. Counties and general law cities publish notice of general plan adoption and amendment in the newspaper. Notice of zone change, conditional use permit, variance, and subdivision tracts is published in the newspaper and mailed to nearby property owners. Charter cities may have other notification procedures.

For more information on state law regarding hearings, click here.

What’s included and samples:

Although requirements differ for each City, County, State agency, a typical noticing packet includes (Click on Images for full sized samples):

  • Radius map
  • Either labels or stamped envelopes
  • Copy of the labels or envelopes
  • A letter certifying the accuracy of the information

We verify and follow the requirements before every project.

Mailing Services:

In addition to providing property owner information, we also offer mailing services. This service includes reproducing the notice, folding, stuffing, and mailing the materials in a #10 business envelope with the clients return address printed on the envelope. Advanced Listing provides this service for neighborhood meetings notices, and direct mail marketing. We are also a trusted resource for cities that need to send out notices. Our equipment can accomplish these tasks quickly and efficiently.

Order Inquiries

For order inquiries, please fill in the form on our Contact Page. Or you can contact us directly via Email or phone. We will be glad to assist you!

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